NSL consciously leverages on technologies and expertise to innovate smart products, solutions and services that not only meet customers' needs but also environmental challenges.

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NSL's R&D team together with National University of Singapore and the Land Transport Authority developed an environmentally-friendly low noise asphalt concrete design for roads in Singapore using steel slag aggregates, a by-product from the steel manufacturing process.

This is a sustainable business initiative as it reduces the landfill needs and at the same time converts slag into a renewable resource for the country.

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NSL's R&D department developed various green concrete materials from recyclable materials which was recognised and certified by the Singapore Environment Council's Green Labelling Scheme.

In 2017, the Precast & PBU division gained greater recognition for its efforts in promoting the development of environmentally sustainable buildings. The precast components of its Singapore and Malaysia operations were awarded the prestigious Singapore Green Building Product certification for 45 types of environmentally-friendly concrete mix in June 2017 and another 35 types in January 2018 respectively.

Eastern Pretech continues to offer 45 designs of green concrete mix to support sustainable construction in Singapore, and 35 types in Malaysia. The demand for green concrete continues to increase,  now making up 43.79% of the total project volume, a 11.79% increase compared to 2019.

During the same year, NSL’s R&D department together with its Singapore Precast business developed a lightweight concrete for its PBU system. The new PBU product which weighs about 40% lighter received a certificate of In-Principle Acceptances from the Building and Construction Authority, enabling it to broaden its PBU offerings.

NOWM specializes in treatment and logistics services of hazardous industrial wastewater and oily wastewater. In Singapore, we ensure wastewater discharges to the sea and public sewers are aligned with the Singapore standard.
As of December 2020, NOWM now has a Singapore Certified Energy Manager who assists in close monitoring, establishing the baseline and identifying opportunities to improve our energy use, whilst simultaneously cutting energy costs.

In addition to our business and products, NSL Group is also a supporter of environmental groups and activities.

NSL’s subsidiary in property business, Raffles Marina Club, sponsors the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF) though a charity regatta. Funds were raised for the Foundation to finance its marina conversation projects across Southeast Asia.

Additionally, Raffles Marina has adopted a Plastic Initiative which reduced the use of single-use plastics through replacing single-use plastic soap bottles with environmentally friendly and refillable soap dispensers.

Raffles Marina’s Bistro has also implemented ‘The Last Straw Campaign’, eliminating provision of straws to patrons to reduce plastic pollution.


In October 2018, 19 representatives from NSL OilChem Waste Management volunteered for Project SeedLinks at Yangzheng Primary School. With guidance from Primary Five student buddies, 127 preschoolers from My First Skool, PCF Sparkletots and Bethesda Kindergarten were given an opportunity to grow their own seedlings using recycled seed holders. Besides nurturing the young to care for the environment, this programme also aims to contribute to a sustainable environment for our future generations.