While achieving business goals is important, NSL aims to make a positive impact on the community, environment and all stakeholders. With a work force of over 2,000 employees in the Asia Pacific region, NSL strives to be an organisation that cares about the society and its staff. In an effort to contribute in meaningful ways to the community, NSL Group supports a variety of groups including young and underprivileged.

Melrose Home continued to be one of the many beneficiaries of NSL Group. In 2020, a total of $10,862.60 was raised, $4,862.60 of which was donated by employees in Singapore and $6,000.00 by NSL Ltd. Dubai Precast also visited Rashid Centre for the Disabled Children with monetary donations, gifts and education materials for infants and children of up to 18 years old. During the visit, staff sang songs and played games with the beneficiaries.

NSL has supported Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (“MDAS”) since 2007 and donated to their annual fund-raising event. MDAS equips its members with the ability to design our electronic greeting cards for festive seasons. We uphold this meaningful partnership as the creation of jobs empowers the lives of individuals with Muscular Dystrophy at MDAS.

NSL continues to partner with schools to care for the community. Through the Sailing and Sustainability Programme, NSL partners primary and secondary schools to inculcate values in students using real-life examples and out-of-classroom experiences. During Phase 1 of the four-day event – supported by Raffles Marina, 260 students learnt about the importance of teamwork. Subsequently, Phase 2 saw NSL Ltd’s senior management engaging with 16 Guangyang Secondary school students in an interactive session about climbing the corporate ladder and career options.

Staff from NSL OilChem Waste Management also provided insights into a chemist’s job, as well as shared experiences of working in the environmental service industry with the young at Yangzheng Primary School.
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Caring for Our Employees

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Employees are a valuable asset of the Company and they are at the heart of what NSL does. Other than trainings, NSL also ensures that its employees’ health, safety and well-being are taken care of. Robust training programmes have been tailored to ensure employees stay relevant in this fast-changing industry.

NSL OilChem Waste Management rolled out a series of trainings for staff of various levels. Sixteen managers attended “The Human Dimension of Leadership” workshop to enhance their emotional intelligence and supervising effectiveness. A customised English literacy course was also introduced to Chinese speaking staff to aid them in handling onsite and offsite client enquiries.

Through the pandemic, we placed greater focus on accommodating to our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

NOWM’s Chief Executive, Jeffrey Fung visited the plants and employees during this period, expressing gratitude to our front-line workers through a montage video. The Human Resource department also played a big part in ensuring the safety of the employees by checking the cleanliness of the accommodation. Together with Mr Jeffrey Fung, the HR department also visited the hotels in which the employees were residing to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

NOWM also provided 60 of its Hindu workers at 4 different sites with bento meals during Deepavali.

All safety measures in view of the pandemic have been in place at all 4 of our workplaces. NOWM has registered its workers involved in biohazard and marine vessels work for prioritized vaccinations and regular swab tests, which are currently in progress.

Through the years, NSL’s Sports and Recreational Committee has been organising workshops and interactive activities to promote work-life balance for all. Besides workshops like cooking and terrarium making, a day trip to Legoland Malaysia had been organised for staff, family and friends.


Workplace Health and Safety is central to the welfare of our employees. During the year, staff were scheduled to attend compulsory safety trainings, such as Occupational First Aid Course. In ensuring NSL’s readiness for emergencies, staff attended mandatory safety trainings required for Company Emergency Response Team.